Baby Timelapse

Set reminders and take daily photos with ease & style > Create a Timelapse video > Share with the ones you love!

Cherish the memory of your child’s early days! this neat little app will allow you to take daily photos of your baby, and export them as time lapse video.

Set reminders and take daily photos with ease & style.

Create a Timelapse video with the photos you took.

Share a unique thing with your loved ones!


Unforgettable Moments

Make yourself an unforgettable video clip of you baby growing up! This app would helps you take daily pictures and create your own time lapse video.

You don’t have to miss a day in your baby’s life! Take daily pictures of your baby with ease and create a unique timelapse video clip of you baby growing up. Export the video clip to your camera roll or directly to facebook, and you can music as well!

The perfect gift for happy parents

A new baby? Congratulations! This app was designed by parents, for parents. Your baby is going to grow up very fast so make sure you cherish those memories of the early days… take daily pictures of the baby using this app and collect them – after a couple of months you’ll be ready to export a fascinating video clip of your baby growing up. You can set reminders to make sure you never miss a day, you can manage several projects in the same app … you’re going to thank us so much in a few months!

Features & Highlights

  • Make sure you never miss a day! Set a reminder for each of your projects on a daily or weekly basis. Manage your reminders with ease in the reminders panel.
  • Ghost feature – make sure that the end result is a smooth video… click the ghost button to toggle on the semi-transparent overlay of the last photo taken, so that you can take the next picture in the same layout.
  • Preview your timelapse project at any time, and remove any images.
  • Share the clip with your loved ones, Export the video clip to your camera roll or directly to facebook.
  • Create an unlimited amount of timelapse projects. Name your projects and manage them with ease.
  • Night Light – shall we take a picture of the baby sleeping? Not a problem. Turn on the unobtrusive night light and take the photo (Flash seems to wake up the baby)
  • A must have for any parent
  • Backup your timelapse projects to icloud (beta)

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